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Rainbow Healing

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

During a recent READ session with Phoenix, a child came up with the term, 'Rainbow Horse'. At the time, she was unaware about a photograph I had taken of him with his Mom Snow about a month ago. For example, in that photo, a cast of green light shun over him. Curious to know what it was, I asked a friend who is a spiritual healer. She said it was a transmission of light from the Divine.

After that session, I realized the child had intuitively picked up on Phoenix's energy. From that moment on, I decided to add a 'Rainbow Healing' component to the READ sessions. During this particular session, Phoenix was doing a lot of yawning, and the child appeared peaceful, relaxed, and was smiling. I felt as though they were my teachers and I was the student. What I heard was, "Let go and go with the flow." Great advice!

It's important to note that Phoenix and Snow were rescued by PMR from an auction lot. We KNOW they were NOT treated well! For instance, when they arrived, Phoenix had a barcode tag glued onto his coat and the #10 spray painted on his romp. Likewise, Snow had the #10 spray painted in blue on her chest. It was clear to us that the people at the auction lot had treated them like disposable commodities, rather than the special sentient beings they are.

Having had that horrific experience, we stepped up for them, i.e., providing reassurance, love, honor, respect, and most of all, kindness.

In hindsight, we're thinking the green light is a healing light sent from Divine Consciousness to protect and heal them, in addition to ALL of the horses at PMR.

Our hope is that people wake up NOW (see Longing for Change) before it's too late! Please join us in fighting the good fight to save our nation's horses from the brink of extinction! Contact your state representatives and senators today.

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