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Pepper sparks a memory...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

One day, while volunteering at Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR) in Aptos, I met a 29 year old retired horse named Pepper. I visited him frequently because he seemed to enjoy the company.

After cleaning his stall and refilling his water buckets one hot afternoon, I started to walk away and heard him 'neigh'. The sound instantly sparked a memory of reading to Freckles.

I went to my car, grabbed a Children's Book, and began reading to him. To my pleasant surprise, he appeared interested and intrigued with the story, particularly the illustrations. He also seemed to enjoy the rhythm of the text and the sound of my voice. At that moment, I decided to test the reading encounter with another horse; this time a little colt named Romeo.

"Giraffes are so cool," Pepper neighed

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